Mid Century

This was my first house and I did a lot of work on it myself. These projects included: trim, door & cabinet refinishing; landscaping & drip system; lighting installation; drafting of changes; interior & exterior painting; kitchen cabinet stripping & refinishing; curtains, cushions and embroidery; custom stenciling; stained glass design & installation; replacing window glass & stringers.

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::: Front Exterior :::

Front Yard, beforeFront Yard, afterFront Yard, afterFront Yard, after

::: Exterior Landscaping - Japanese Garden :::

Japanese Garden, beforeJapanese Garden, afterJapanese Garden, afterJapanese Garden, afterJapanese Garden, afterJapanese Garden, afterJapanese Garden, after

::: Desert Garden :::

Desert Garden, beforeDesert Garden, after

::: Living Room :::

Living Room, beforeLiving Room, afterLiving Room, <I>By hammer and hand do all things stand.</I>, after

::: Dining Room :::

Dining Room, beforeDining Room, afterDining Room, afterDining Room, afterDining Room, afterDining Room, after

::: Kitchen :::

Kitchen, beforeKitchen, beforeKitchen, beforeKitchen, afterKitchen, afterKitchen, afterKitchen embroidery detail, after

::: Studio :::

Studio, beforeStudio pocket doors, beforeStudio, in progressStudio showing new stained glass windows, afterStudio pocket doors, afterStudio, after
Studio, afterStudio Powder Room, after

::: Hallway :::

Hallway, beforeHallway after

::: Bedroom :::

Bedroom, in early progressBedroom, afterBedroom, afterBedroom, afterBedroom embroidery detail, after

::: Study:::

Study, beforeStudy, afterStudy, afterStudy drapes, embroidery detail, after

::: Bathroom :::

Bathroom, beforeBathroom, afterBathroom, afterBathroom drapes, embroidery detail, after

::: Holiday Fun :::

Christmas, afterHalloween, after

::: Media :::


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